Student Achievements

My journey to a Cambridge Award

My success at the CAIE AS-level examinations last year came down to two factors.

The first was hard work and determination.

Throughout the year I set out my goals and made sure I revised my work on a daily basis. Closer to the exam date, I made a timetable for myself and allocated sufficient time to complete a full set of past papers as well as my coursework. This then became part of my routine for nearly 2 months. I also kept to CSA’s “boot camp” rules such as going for a half-hour walk early morning and using visualization techniques. I didn’t have to kill myself studying till late. I did just enough to make sure I didn’t fall behind in class.

The other factor was self-confidence.

 I am usually a person who does not believe in myself and my capabilities, so I was not at all sure how well I would do at my AS-level exams. But to get a Cambridge award had always been on my “bucket list” and, more than anything, I really wanted one for Global Perspectives and Research.  There were times when I found the subject difficult or I was tired, but what kept me going was the thought of the regret I may have when I got my results and realized I had not done very well. The fear of that possible regret is what motivated me throughout and made me believe in myself till the end.

When I finally got my results, I was really disappointed because I had got a B despite my best efforts. I was advised by my teacher to send my paper for re-correction which I did. I made up my mind to be happy with my B, but I was told by my teacher to keep believing in an A. I decided to trust my teacher and hold on to my dream of a Cambridge award. When I got the email with the re-correction results, I was stunned. My grade had moved up from a B to an A. I was even more shocked when my school informed me that I was getting a High Achievement award for AS-level Global Perspectives and Research. I am grateful to CSA and my teachers and parents for all I have achieved. Without their support, I could not have ever imagined myself being where I am today.

This experience gave me the confidence I needed to believe in myself and what I was capable of achieving. I also learned never to give up because nothing is impossible!